• How Does TSAOM Protect Its Users?

    The content team that monitors ads and approves them on the site after filtering them to ensure safe content, market requirements, advertiser credibility, and direct communication.

    How Does TSAOM Gain Money?

    TSAOM relies on advertisements, and it provides the users premium services to increase the ability to gain profit through various services such as; Story Deals, Featured Products, Your Store etc… which will encourage the selling of products and services. These services are chargeable and optional.

    Can You Market to A Private Company by Advertising It On TSAOM?

    Yes, The requester can fill the banner request form under “contact us” section.

    What Is the Next Step After Selling your Ad?

    The seller has to delete the ad after selling the product/service in order not to receive any calls and notification on an ad that is already sold.

    Searching for A Specific Product/Service

    What Is the Way to Search for an Ad?

    Searching for a specific product/service through the search bar on the homepage of the platform by typing a keyword to be looked for or to select from the subcategories which will appear to you

    Search through the advanced search template when selecting a main category, a filter bar will appear which allows you to search for your specific product by (brand, location, model, price, color etc…)