• Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

    What Are the Rules and Guidelines?

    The goal of TSAOM is to be a safe place for all groups of society. In order to benefit from all parties (seller and purchaser), we would like to see everyone comply with our rules and obey our guidelines. Since TSAOM is an online market offering its services to interested customers, you can only inquire about any item or service in full coordination with the owner of the advertisement. So you can send a chat to the owner of the ad make a comment, or contact the advertiser directly via the contact information accessible in the advertising posted to every future purchase.

    The goal of TSAOM is to create a "self-managed" society in which members control their ads, sales and transactions directly, making it easier for the subscriber to sell the products and provide their services with minimal effort.

    Members control the organization and the administrators in this way. Any member is encouraged to report something that is suspected to be in breach of these rules and policies.

    When using TSAOM, you need to register an account to complete your purchase and sale transactions with advertisers successfully. You also don't need an TSAOM platform to register an account if you want to view ads only.

    However, by visiting our website, using our services or subscribing to membership, you agree to comply with all of our rules and regulations (including any changes and additions) that you agree to and recognize when registering your membership.


    List of Potential Violations of Our Policies

    Content forbidden. Any post containing one or more of the contents forbidden below will be removed and TSAOM reserves the right to permanently remove the user account, blacklist the account and/or report the content and user information to Law Enforcement or the appropriate authority.


    Alcoholic beverages, liquor, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products, psychotropic substances, medicines, intoxicants of any sort, medicinal products, palliative / curative substances, or liquid substances of any description.

    Alive, deceased and/or any or some portion of any human being kept or preserved by some means, whether artificial or natural, such as any blood, body fluids and/or parts of the body.

    Prostitution or any other service of that type intended to breach the provisions of the illegal act or the Improper representation of women, which in Arab society violate contemporary moral standards and dignity.

    Religious items, including books, objects, etc. or any details, an overview of any such product that is likely to affect any individual or group 's religious feelings

    Offensive content intended for sexual use (including "bondage" and "fetish" items) that displays sexual activity or depicts human genitals in a "reality-like" or consistent manner.

    " Antiquities "and" Art Treasures "are not permitted under any relevant legislation for sale or exchange.

    Information or items that are defamatory, libelous, hazardous or abusive in nature.

    Dishonest, misrepresenting facts as to the value and use of products or services.

    False, counterfeited and stolen goods or unauthorized illegal services (services for which you are not allowed or authorized to undertake or do not have the authority).

    Products, goods and services that infringe or threaten to transfer intellectual property or publicity rights or legal rights to any third party, and or purport to infringe the right to privacy of any individual.

    Electronically transmitting viruses of certain type or any computer program by any medium that enables the hacking of a computer system intended to harm or intercept any personal data from a computer or computer network.

    Dangerous pesticides and chemicals

    Fireworks, prohibited weapons and explosives, including any material that allows fireworks, explosive triggers and explosive devices to be made.

    Identification papers, personal financial records & personal details (in any form, including mailing lists)

    Lottery Tickets, Entries for Sweepstakes and Slot Machines

    Military or police badges, uniforms, coats of arms and or other military or police-related government emblems, insignia and/or products not allowed for sale or trading under any applicable law

    Weapons and related articles (e.g. firearms, pieces of firearms and magazines, ammunition, tear gas, stun guns or switchblade knives)

    Pyramid schemes' and 'Multilevel Marketing' and/or related scams listed for the sole purpose of defrauding users.

    Spam, offensive, replication, listing, fraud schemes (e.g." Get rich soon " or “work at home” scams that are only identified for the purpose of duplicating users)

    Unacceptable, Incorrect Category (e.g. office beds categorized under furniture table).

    Populations of endangered animals or animals advertised for battle or offensive purposes

    Loans, funding programs & business financing


    Misusing TSAOM. To inform us about any issues or offensive posts, please use the flagging system so that together we can keep the Services website running properly. If we believe that they are causing problems or acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies, we could indeed restrict or terminate our services, delete hosted content and take technical and legal measures to keep users away from TSAOM.


    The below practices are considered prohibited on TSAOM;


    Creating several accounts

    Posting Identical Content

    Posting content having incorrect names, materials or photographs

    Posting content with inappropriate pictures

    Posting content under incorrect categories

    Posting content with unreasonable prices

    Posting content with links redirecting to other websites

    Posting images that contains names, phone numbers or contact details.

    Posting content with prepayment or bank transfer options

    Posting generic content

    Posting several items in one post

    Posting wearable items without uploading pictures

    Violations of Site Laws

    There are relevant policies and regulations for the use of the site. If these regulations are breached, the Content Monitoring Section will take necessary action:

    Post Identical Ads and More Than Membership

    Posting Several identical / similar ads are released with the purpose of filling in some site categories and search results.


    Imitating the Other Members' Ads.

    Imitating any / all ad information of the other member and use them for their ads.


    Several Accounts

    Members who develop more than one account (1), in order to repetitively apply the same ad category to all accounts.

    General Marketing Advertising

    Post an ad promoting two or more unrelated products/products in your headline, photos, and descriptive areas.


    Identity Theft

    Create a member account by using someone else's personal information and phone numbers for the purpose of disturbing them or to obtain physical and intangible objects from others for their own benefit.

    Use of Tags/keywords

    Use repeated and unlinked keywords in ad details.



    Incorrect Information in Ads

    This breach involves, but is not limited to, incorrect pricing, incorrect status, and non-advertising images, including thumbnails.


    Unwanted Chats

    Send registered members unsolicited chats by advertising or providing goods, services, and businesses.

    Chats that can be perceived as abusive or indirect, such as threats, as well as language that is inappropriate and degrading.


    Fraud and Unauthorized Ads

    Released advertisements for other registered members for fraud / scam.


    Stealing Pictures

    Using pictures in their released ads from other ads.


    Incorrect Category Ads

    Ads that are placed in inaccurate or insignificant areas rather than where they should be placed.


    Publish the Mobile Number in the Ad Title and Pictures.

    Mobile numbers are not allowed in the ad title and pictures.




    Changes in Our Policies and Services

    Please keep in mind that we will adjust the terms of use of the site at any time, and any change will be implemented as soon as it is adjusted and released.

    You agree to review the terms and policies regularly by using our framework. You agree to our terms as revised by continuing to access and use our framework.

    Ad Content Guidelines

    Guidelines for the content of advertising added to the site are available, please follow the following main points:

    The key content of the ad is the title, overview of the ad, price, and picture.

    The title, for example, Mazda CX 5 2018, Apartment for rent 200 m in Olaya District, should be short, simple which does not include price or phone number.

    For all the descriptions of the product or service provided, the description of the ad must be straightforward and precise and must be for one product and not for several products in one ad.

    Connections to external websites such as Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks are prohibited from being integrated.

    Add the correct price of the product or services given and do not enter a fake price or any other amount, or leave the price of the box empty if there is no particular price.

    Add pictures that do not breach the terms of use, such as offensive, include a mobile number, information that are excited in the ad description, include a trademark on another website or a particular company.



    Protect Your Privacy on the Site

    General Privacy

    We appreciate your confidentiality. Please ensure that the information you provide will be collected and used in the manner specified in this policy when you use our website and related applications.


    What Information We Collect

    The details we obtain depends on whether you are a member or a guest.

    No private information is used if you are a guest.

    You can also provide us with your name, mobile phone number, and email address if you are a member. As a point of contact with our members, this information is needed and should be stated in the registration forms and profile update forms.

    They can access this at any time and change any errors they can find by updating their profile in order to ensure the accuracy of the members ' personal details.



    Reporting Violation Ads

    If you want to report any violent ad on the platform, you can use the "Report Abuse" link on the advertisement page, which makes it easier for the section responsible to monitor breaching advertisements more easily. You may also contact us with ads to take the required steps that breach our terms of use.

    Posting Ads

    In a short time and less effort, you can post your ads on TSAOM to sell anything you want or to present any service and get benefits, but we have terms of use that you should obey.


    To be able to use the website and Sell/Buy items.


    In the occasion of any breach of one of these terms and conditions, TSAOM platform may eliminate the advertisements or deactivate membership in the event of exceeding those policies, in compliance with the agreement policy settled upon when you register your website account.


    All ads should be complied with our terms of use, as follows:


    In the occasion that the ads contain some breach of our terms of use and policy, TSAOM has the right to edit and correct the ads or delete it in some cases.

    In each ad, you have the right to show one product, item and one service, posting several elements are not permitted in the same ad.

    Posting identical advertising on the website is not permitted, only one (1) unique ad for each product is permitted, in some situations you can post the same ad again, after the expiry date and if you delete it, or if it was deleted by TSAOM

    The section with the ad. Ads must be positioned in the main category and sub-category that are right. You must choose the best section or category to publish your ad if your ad falls under more than one category.

    TSAOM has the right to deactivate any ad that is no longer valid (such as sold items).

    Violation of intellectual property rights. You should not advertise any product or service that breaches any third party. Including Fake products, Counterfeit or unauthorized copies.

    Misinformation / False Information. Providing false or misleading facts in ads, such as incorrect or inaccurate pricing or terms and conditions, is strictly forbidden.

    Product registration and authorization. In the case of advertising for female workers or advertising for tourism undertakings (providing and submitting visas) or advertising that provides unclear services, we can apply for commercial registration. To attain the prestige of the platform and to hold the attention of subscribers.



    Any Other Concerns

    TSAOM disclaims any responsibility or fraud that advertisers may experience with regard to buying and selling made via the platform and any contact between advertisers.

    Since TSAOM site is only an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, and it warns against communicating indirectly with the advertiser or sending any money electronically, without making sure that the advertiser and the product will occur in order to prevent instances of fraud.



    You agree not to copy, alter or publish, as a user of the Platform, our proprietary rights and our trademarks. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you feel like your rights are being violated and we will investigate, and we do have the right to delete any content from it. Violation of some of our terms of use or the other party's rights.



    What’s new with TSAOM Site


    How do I contact sellers using the TSAOM Mobile Site?


    You can learn more about advertisements by contacting the "Ad's seller" advertiser, and there is more than one way of connecting:


    You may use the Chat function, which enables you to thoroughly inquire about products and prices with the ability to send a voice message, pictures, and video only after signing in/up.


    By clicking the call button shown in the post, you may also contact the owner of the ad directly only after signing in/up.



    How to Promote Your Ads Using TSAOM?

    By subscribing to the additional services available on the platform, such as Story deals, Featured Products, Strike you Ad, Your Store, Pop up notification, highlighted Ads and Flash Deals which will promote your ad and increase the ability to sell the offered items.


    TSAOM Mobile Site

    Browsing Through TSAOM Mobile Site?


    You can browse the site by using a browser on your phone with any of the following browsers: (Google, safari, Firefox… etc.)


    You can also browse the advertisements you want (the products you want to purchase or the services you are searching for) by clicking on the main category of the ad, then selecting the subcategory, or by clicking on "All categories" next to the name of the main menu after pressing them, you can browse all the divisions of the main category.


    Manage My Account Via Mobile Site of TSAOM?


    By signing into your account, you can monitor your account and edit your personal information that is registered with your account, such as (Edit Name, Edit Email, Edit Phone Number, Update Account Profile, Change Password, Edit Notification Settings).

    You can also access the details of your account by clicking (Edit Account) to show you the number of active, restricted and paid advertisements. By clicking on "Account Update," you can update your account to a Premium membership or store to show you all the featured memberships and the available duration and price information.



    Account Management

    Creating an Account

    How Do I Create A TSAOM Account?

    Signing up is simple and secure and can be achieved by clicking the "Register" button in 4 ways that appear to you:


    Signing up by email address, phone number, Apple ID or by social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


    To sign up by email all you have to do is follow these steps:

    First: Enter your e-mail address and press the "sign up" button. An email will be sent to the email address with an activation code that activates the e-mail, so make sure you enter the correct email address.

    Second: Enter the code you receive then click on the link that was sent to you to complete the sign up process

    Third: Enter your personal information and then press the button "sign up"

    By accessing the page indicated below, you have completed the process successfully.


    To sign up by phone number, all you have to do is follow these steps:

    First: Enter a phone number in the selected field

    Second: We will send a message to the number with the "activation code" to confirm the registration process

    By accessing the page indicated below, you have completed the process successfully.



    To sign up with your Apple ID Facebook / Twitter / Instagram account all you have to do is follow these steps:

    First: Click the "Register using Apple ID /Facebook / Twitter / Intagram button

    By accessing the page indicated below, you have completed the process successfully.


    2- Managing my Account

    What if TSAOM is not Fully Operational in Your Country?


    If you are a resident of the TSAOM website outside of the Arab countries, you can browse ads and connect with advertisers to ask about what you want, and to complete the sales and purchase agreement.


    Please note that the adding post policy requires a local phone number (of the country where you decide to add a post) and activate it to successfully add posts on the platform.


    How Do I Change My Email?

    By following these steps, you can access your website account and edit your email:

    From the profile menu, click “Settings” and then “Account Settings”.

    Click “change email address”

    Add your new address and then “save” to save the changes. Enter your new email you have added and enter the activation code to authenticate your email.


    How Do I Change My Password?

    To change the password on your account, please follow these steps:

    Sign in to your account, go to your profile

    From the profile menu, click “Settings” and then “Password Settings”

    You will find the option “change password”

    You will be redirected to a new page to enter the previous password, and the new password you wish to add.

    Make the necessary modifications to change your password, then click on "Save".


    How Can Change My Mobile Number?

    You can edit the number on your account using the browser on your computer and follow these steps:

    From the profile menu, click “Settings” and then “Account Settings”.

    Click “change Mobile number”

    Add your new mobile number and you will receive a new activation code to authenticate the new number.


    How Do I Deactivate My Account?

    From the profile menu, click “Settings” and then “Account Settings”.

    Click “Deactivate my account”



    3- Account Concerns

    Can I Create More Than One Account?

    You are unable to develop more than one website account, enabling each member to use only one membership, free or charged, and not more than one membership (even if the membership is a premium).


    If more than one account is developed, all accounts that are found as duplicate members will be closed.

    Why Was My Account Deactivated?

    Some of the site's registered memberships are disabled if they breach one of the site's terms of use, meaning that TSAOM can deactivate membership without prior warning.

    TSAOM also has the right to refuse requests, if necessary, to reactivate the account, especially if other accounts are identified or several breaches occur.


    Ads Management

    Advertisement Posting Guidelines


    Duplicate ads are two or more ads featuring identical ad names, ad information, or previously published images of goods or services.

    If a duplicate ad is released, users will receive an ad notification from the list of "notifications" and a tag will be displayed blocked "next to the ad."

    The purpose of rejecting duplicate ads is to give other users a reasonable chance to view their advertisements on the first page when they are released, to ensure accurate search, and to admire browsing the web without getting bored by repetitive advertisements.


    Term of Use Responsibility?

    Please respect the policy and conditions of the site and avoid the following when uploading advertisements:


    1. Posting duplicate advertising and a membership of more than one.

    Multiple duplicate / similar advertisements are released with the purpose of filling in some site categories and search results.

    1. Copy advertising from other participants.

    Copy any / all ad information of the other member and use them for their ads.

    1. Several Accounts

    Members who build more than one account (1), in order to repeatedly apply the same ad category to all accounts.

    1. Advertising for general marketing

    Post a promotion ad in the title, images, and descriptive areas with two or more unrelated products / products.

    1. Identity Theft

    To interrupt them or to acquire physical and intangible items from others for their own gain, establish a member account by using someone else's personal information and phone numbers.

    1. Usage of Keywords / Tags

    In ad info, use repetitive and unlinked keywords.

    1. Misinformation in advertising

    This breach involves incorrect pricing, incorrect status, and, even thumbnails, non-advertising pictures

    1. Undesired Chats

    Sending preferred chats to registered members by encouraging or providing products, services, and businesses.

    Chats which might be perceived to be hostile or indirect, as well as improper and offensive words, such as threats.

    1. Fraud and illegal advertisements.

    Released advertisements for other registered members for fraud / scam.

    1. Forbidden Materials

    Such as: -Advertisements that link to an online account for games

    --Advertisements that apply to virtual currency purchases or transactions (such as PayPal, , e-currencies, etc.)

    - Drugs sold by people

    - Grants and all sorts of funding.

    - There are many posts that are prevented from being published on the web, and to read more about them, you should check the terms and policies of accessing the site.

    1. Theft of pictures

    Using pictures in their released ads from other ads.

    1. Advertisements in incorrect categories

    Ads that are placed in inaccurate or insignificant category rather than where they should be.

    1. Mentioning the mobile number in ad title and picture

    Mobile numbers are not allowed in ad title and picture


    2-Posting an Ad on TSAOM

    How Do I Add a New Ad?

    First: Sign up/Login to your account

    Second: After signing up/logging in, click the "Add A New Ad" button.

    Third: Take/Upload a picture of your product and the machine learning will fill most of the products details.

    Fourth: Choose your location, product condition, ad title etc… and then click the button” Submit”

    Fifth: A pop up message will appear listing all our free and premium services. Select whatever suits you and publish the ad.

    Is Adding a Post Free?

    Yes, you can post free ads to your account also you can participate with additional premium services that allows your ad to be more effective and gets more views for a reasonable fee.

    How Long Does It Take for an Ad to Be Published?

    All ads will be added immediately after posting and the ads will be reviewed by the content monitoring department the soonest if the ad complies with the platform’s terms of use or not to delete the ad.

    How Do I Edit My Ad?

    You can edit your ad information and add or remove some details by:

    1. Click "My Account","Settings" and then “My Ads Settings”.
    2. You'll see several options below your ad, including the "Edit" option.
    3. Click the "Edit" option and make the edit you want.
    4. To save your edits, click on "Save and Publish Ad" below the details of the ad.

    How to Delete My Ad?

     Access the “Selling” button from “My Account”.

     Then you select “My Posts” to delete/remove your post.


    TSAOM Premium Services

    Story Deals

    Having your post shared as a story at the top of the homepage for 24 hours only.

    Featured Products

    Having a post in a bigger sized banner at the top of the searched category based on the buyer’s location. Duration for this service 7 or 14 days.

    Pop Up Notifications

    We promote your post by notifying certain buyers by sending a notification about your product based on their search history (even if the app is off) Duration for this service 7 or 14 days.

    Highlighted Ads

    Post will be differentiated from other posts by highlighting it with a different color at the top. Duration for this service 7 or 14 days.

    Your Store

    Creating an actual online store for you to post 500 live ads under your profile. This service will be renewed monthly.

    Strike your Ad

    Having your post at the top of the listing twice a day based on the next content refresh (website refreshes every 20 minutes). Duration for this service 7 or 14 days.

    Flash Deals

    (Featured Products + Pop up Service + Highlighted Ads) package of 3 services in one. Duration for this service 7 or 14 days.




    What Is Wallet?

    TSAOM wallet is a tool that helps you to earn rewards, store credits and buy different offers; it's simple, safe and quick to just top up once and redeem multiple times as and when needed.


    Where I Can Use Wallet?

    You can use the wallet to purchase the premium services (Story Deals, Featured Products Pop Up Notifications, Highlighted Ads, Your Store, Strike your AD, and Flash Deals) on the platform.


    Where Can I See My Wallet?

    You can see your wallet by clicking on "My Account" button and then "Settings" option and then “Payment Settings” then you can see “My Wallet”.

    Note: Wallet has an expiration date of one year since the date of purchase.

    What Are the Payment Options On TSAOM?

    Payments are available only for purchasing the premium services of the platform through electronic payment ("Visa, MasterCard") and is automatically active.

    Account Holder Name : شركة قادم روْية لتقنية نظم المعلومات Next Vision Company For ICT


    Country: Saudi Arabia ; City: Riyadh

    Bank Name: NCB National Commercial Bank

    IBAN: SA3710000025700000683905

    Note: Buyer and seller will settle the payment off the platform.



    My Account

    How Do I Block a User?

    A user can be blocked by entering to their profile then chats option “Block User”.

    What Should I Do If There's a Problem When I Publish My Ad?

    Send an e-mail to Inquire@megsult.com with your problem briefly and our team will assist you shortly.


    Click on the "Help & Support" button and provide us with your problem briefly and our team will assist you shortly.


    Can I See the Number of Ad Views?

    Any user can see the number of views through their dashboard.

    Can I Add Ads to My Favorites List?

    Any user can add any post as Favorites after clicking the “Add to Favorites” button next to each post.

    What Steps Should I Follow to Modify the Ads On My Favorite List?

    Click "My Account" button, then "Favorites" at the top of the page.

    You can now browse or delete your favorite ads from this page.